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Effective shooting is a delicate balance of accuracy, power and speed. In Latin, that's Diligentia, Vis, Celeritas.  Whether you're a new shooter or an experienced one, the great goal is to learn to master these three things. And to do so safely. To this end, DVC Firearms Training can custom-tailor private lessons or group classes to your specific needs. If you're going to have a gun in your home, or if you carry one for your profession, it's imperative - morally, ethically and legally - that you are safe and proficient with it. We can help you achieve these important goals.

meet the team

scott richard ehredt

CA DOJ certified instructor

and nra certified

range safety officer

Scott is the lead handgun instructor at DVC. He is a former world-ranked competitive shooter, a former Fayette Co. Kentucky Sheriff's Deputy, and has been in the firearms business off and on for over 35 years. If his face looks familiar, well, he's also been an actor on stage, in films and on TV. So his knowledge base is sound, and he presents it all in an informative and fun atmosphere.

michael smirke

CA DOJ certified instructor

and marine sniper

school graduate

MIke was trained by the very best. He is a graduate of the USMC Sniper School at Camp Pendleton. And put his considerable talents to use during three combat tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. After that, he contracted as a Designated Defensive Marksman/Emergency Reaction Team member at a high-threat post in support of the US Diplomatic mission abroad. If you're looking to improve your skills with an AR-type rifle, or any variety of long-range  rifle, semi-auto or bolt-action, we confidently offer Mike as the best trainer we know of.



nra certified

range safety officer

Lo started shooting after the only handgun she could find during the '92 LA riots  was a  S&W

4" .44 Magnum. Once she trained with and mastered that, every other pistol seemed like a walk in the park. She now competes regularly in both Defensive Pistol Matches and Cowboy Action Shooting - where her alias is Acton Belle. She's quite effective with 1800s era Single Action Pistols, Lever Action Rifles and Pump Action Shotguns...but let her holster up her 9MM SIG SAUER 229 Elite and she's amazingly capable of defending herself in the modern world as well!

Scott and Lo put me AND my husband at ease right away. We were shooting well after the first lesson and

I beat my husband's shooting during the second one!

I feel empowered and secure in my home like never before.

joanne & Steve

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We try to work around YOUR schedule - so we are generally available from 9AM to 9PM every day of the week.

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