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Some people just learn best with personalized, one-one-one instruction. While these private and couples lessons are a bit more expensive than a group class, the fact is that there are no cookie-cutter classes that can give you the one-on-one attention of a PRIVATE Handgun Instructor.  Your time is spent working at YOUR level - not the least common denominator in a classroom full of strangers. Whether you are starting out completely fresh or are already an accomplished shooter, private lessons are really the best way to get you to where you want to be. And for just a bit more, you can include your partner. We're big on couples' lessons - because if there is going to be a firearm in the home, BOTH of you should be able to, at the very least, handle it safely. Without qualms or questions. Private lessons also require less of a time commitment because we are focused solely on YOU. So every minute is devoted to you alone - and the time is spent teaching and learning just what defensive skill or sport you are there to learn!


Want to be trained in a group of like-minded folks, all wanting to learn the same thing? Sometimes it's the best way to go. And we likely have a class coming up that is perfect for you. There are some advantages to this approach - including the benefits of hearing the answers to questions from other classmates that you didn't think to ask. Our classes are very social and very friendly...and fun! Not to mention they are less expensive than private instruction. Most classes run about 6 hours (with a lunch break) and are tailored to a specific clientele. There are introductory classes, beginner classes, basic classes and advanced classes - something for every level of shooter, as well as those new gun owners who WANT to be considered shooters. You'll be with a group of people, all of whom are at (or about at) your level. Often, our students meet new friends and shooting PARTNERS that go on to meet up and practice together long after the class ends. Larger families with teen or adult children can also save some money by joining a group class. We teach folks as young as 15 as long as a parent is present.Sign up now and find your new shooting tribe.


If you are into shooting sports, we can come along to your matches or practice sessions and act as a personal coach. We'll video your shooting and then sit down with you to analyze every aspect of it. We will find places here and there that will shave seconds off your time or inches off your groups. Even the top sports pros know the advantages of having an extra set of eyes...of an encouraging word...or some very constructive criticism where warranted. We can review every aspect of your game - from getting back to the basics of grip and stance to equipment modifications. You'll see improvement in your game quickly - though often you may need to take a step or two back before you master new techniques and surge ahead. But we'll be there with you to encourage you and hone your skills. We're sure you will advance to the next level in short order. We're sure, because we've helped many competitors to do so over the years. UP YOUR GAME! And consistently take home that elusive First Place you've been looking for.

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We try to work around YOUR schedule - so we are generally available from 9AM to 9PM every day of the week.

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